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Skid Steer Auxiliary Hydraulics & Couplers

Dual Hyd
Skid Steer Hydrualics

An integral part of the skid steer system is the external hydraulic system. This system is what powers the attachments that require hydraulic flow and can run anything from a snow blade to a brush mower. Hydraulic systems vary greatly depending on machine but thankfully most machines use a similar set up so compatibility is usually not a problem. Some of our attachments do require a certain amount of flow to operate, if you are unsure if your machine has enough flow to operate an attachments use our shop by make & model or contact us.

 First let’s talk about basic standard flow hydraulics. Varying from 8 to 23 gallons per minute depending on the machine standard flow hydraulics will run most attachments and are included on virtually every machine made. Most use a flat faced coupler system that fits to our standard faster factory installed couplers. The exceptions would be parker & pioneer coupler systems. If in the rare instance your machine has dimple style pioneer, or flat faced parker couplers please contact us for fitment.

 High flow hydraulics range from 20 to 45 gallons per minute and are usually an option that can be added upon purchase, but can also be added later in the life of the machine. There are 2 types of high flow hydraulics… single and dual stage. Simply enough single stage high flow machines use the same lines and couplers as the standard flow, while dual stage high flow uses completely separate lines and has a different set of couplers for high flow on the outside of the machine. The single stage machine controls high flow with a switch in the cab while dual stage simply works by attaching the appropriate couplers.

 Below is an example of a dual stage high flow hydraulic system with the attachment control system. If you have a dual stage system and want to run high flow please let us know your make of machine to ensure we send you the proper couplers.

Dual Hyd

Here is a single stage system with high flow and attachment control system. Notice how it only has one set of couplers.

Single Hyd

Now the attachment control system is also an option on most machines and allows additional electric over hydraulic functions. Some attachments like the snowblower for example require a switch to divert hydraulic flow to additional cylinders for chute rotation and deflection. This is accomplished by using an electrical harness that runs from the attachment to your machine’s attachment control system electrical plug. If your machine is not equipped with the attachment control system no worries we supply a universal pistol grip pictured below that suffices and you simply bring it into the cab with you to operate the additional functions.


The Case drain coupler is used on some, not all high flow attachments to help lubricate the motor and keep the temperature down. If your machine has high flow but does not have a case drain no worries we can accommodate you on all of our high flow attachments.

For more fitment information use our shop by make model tab and select your machine. You may also contact us with any questions toll free at (866)428-8224.



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