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Best Mower For The Money

Best Mower For The Money

For the money this was the most efficient mower. I used a brush mower from another competitor and had to do a lot of adjusting and stopping. Cody at Quick Attach recommended the Brush Buster as it will "float" and shut off when you raise the deck. The 40 acres we have is sage brush, sand and rock.
The mower worked better then I imagined. I was able to increase my speed and work around rocky areas without stopping and starting.

Mike W.

Photo Credit: Ed H.

I give it a 5 star rating

I give it a 5 star rating

Hands down for the money, this is the bucket to buy. The bucket has more than enough backbone to do the Heavy Jobs. And has a low enough profile to see what your doing.

Photo Credit: Ken L.

Fantastic unit and I am bragging to all my friends

I have only used it a couple of times but as it stands right now this is a fantastic unit and I am bragging to all my friends how great it works and according to you people it is extremely cheap to rebuild and keep it repaired. I have only used it a couple of times but it is easy to hook up and it also has lots of hitting power


Good and useful attahment 

Very Well Built, First Time Out I Sheared Around 50 Trees All Sizes And Types And It Worked Perfect. I Am Glad I Purchased this Item Sure Saves A lot Of Work With a Hand Saw.


Good Product, Good Price and Good Customer Service

Very satisfied with the snow blower after using it twice. Blows snow like it should. A slight learning curve when used on gravel or country roads. Would like to see a couple of modifications for operator ease. Over all, Cody has been very helpful with all aspects of the purchase and follow up.

Good Sweeper

So far unit works great


Good Unit

Unit works well and as expected. Sales staff was knowledgeable and helpfull


Good Unit

Works well



I was impressed when the bucket was unloaded. I used it as soon as I could and cleared 3 acres of smaller to medium sized oak trees from a crp field (4'-20' tall). I then "tested" it out on a larger oak tree (8"-10" diameter). With a little more digging it toppled the tree and the grapple made it easy to carry all the debris off. This grapple stump bucket is tough. Love it!


Great in Peach Orchards

Great piece of equipment use it in peach orchards and it does a fantastic job



I'm operating the stump grinder with a Cat 267B low flow skid steer and the performances of the grinder is smooth, strong and exceeds my expiations. When I received the grinder I was confused as to how to make it operate with my joy stick controls and 8 pin connector. I had to make several calls back and forth to Quick Attach to become educated and resolve the problem of me not knowing how to manipulate the control buttons, their patience with me and their knowledge of how my machine matched the stump grinder was wonderful. Quick Attach was willing to go the extra mile to get me on track with my new purchase and I'm a happy, happy customer. Highly recommend! Johnny in Mississippi

Nice Piece Of Kit

I bought this mower to take care of various dirt roads and drainage ditches that connect 157 acres of farm property in Eastern Oregon. The big benefit is using the float and tilt feature to cut weeds on the side of the drainage ditches. This has really reduced the requirement for spraying weeds. Thus far, has been reliable and trouble free.


Purchased this blade for my Massey Ferguson tractor. The blade is heavy duty and certainly top quality materials. The shoes were very easy to adjust and angling of the blade was very easy and fluid. No need to look anywhere else for a snow blade.


Quick Attach is the GO TO COMPANY for skid steer attachments

Great product, but more importantly, GREAT service. Winter of 2017 in the central Idaho mountains was brutal. We researched several manufacturers for snow blowers and other attachments for our skid steer. Unfortunately we didn't order the blower until late winter and struggled with snow removal for the big storms. However, the machine was delivered the day before a late winter storm and it was a lifesaver. Heavy duty, well built machine. I had questions and needed some assistance. The sales and service department is very quick to respond. Not only do they respond fast, but they also checked in with me later to make sure I solved my issues. I highly recommend Quick Attach. Highest quality, high standards, and highly responsive sales and service departments that work hard to give the best possible service. Thanks to Ryan and Leroy for all the help, and we look forward to our next purchase.

This attachment saved me time and money.

I bought the Quick Dig and used it several times. With the swing arm, I was able to dig in a straight line and put the fill beside the trench for easy leveling after the drain pipe was installed.


Time Saver!

I bought the Auger for installing posts on our property and it's ease of operation and durability after over 100 post holes with a 8" and 4" Auger bit, helped in time and money. This attachment is a must have for anyone who needs to fence their property.


Very powerful

This really is a powerful brush cutter.


Will recommend to anyone

It's a brute! I have cut 120 (8" to10" dia Cedar) trees in a day while idling with my tractor! The blade lost some paint, but not even a nick in it after 2 days of cutting nonstop. Only the shining machining grooves are showing under the paint

Worth the money... well made. 

I've had this stump grinder since 2014. Ground over 500 stumps of all sizes. Works great. Stumps under 15" go fast... 5 min or less depending on the species. Large new stumps (40" or more) can take over 1/2 hour. But it's fun.. just cut ever tree as low as you can before grinding. Buy a hand grinder and get a green wheel to sharpen the teeth.


84” Brush Mower with Wheels

The mower is very heavy built nice piece of equipment should last for years


Quick Snow-Away™ RP - 3-Point PTO Rear Pull Snowblower

I live in New York Finger Lakes area and was in the market for a snowblower for my Kabota L3940. I liked the front mount snowblower because of looking forward while cleaning the driveway. After doing some research on different snowblowers I found that a front mount snowblower was very expensive and time consuming in removing it from the tractor. With the 3-point style most companies offer you have to look back to operate which causes neck fatigue over time. The RP - 3-Point PTO Rear Pull Snowblower fit perfectly. I was able to leave snowplow on the front of my tractor and the snowblower on the back. I have best of both worlds while looking forward the whole time. Thanks to Quick Attach for making this awesome snow removal attachment. I would highly recommend this rear pull style blower to anyone that has a long driveway like I do. Thanks again!at