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Brush Buster™ - Rotary Brush Mower

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Product Information

  1. Float-n-Tilt™ system
  2. Adjustable Stabilizer bar
  3. Protective cover for hydraulic motor and gearbox
  4. Bolt-on Push Bar (optional) for heavy clearing applications
  5. 8” diameter roller contacts ground for smooth operation
  6. Heavy-duty skid rails allow mower to glide across ground
  7. Bolt-on Wheel Kit (optional) for finishing applications


The Rotary Brush Mower / Brush Cutter has been re-engineered for rugged durability, safety, and ease of operation. The 60”, 66", 72" and 78” models are built from 1/4” steel making them some of the strongest brush mowers manufactured. This is the most versatile mower on the market today. Use it to cut trees, brush, and unwanted weeds and grass. Its unique automatic Float-n-Tilt™ system allows you to cut evenly on level surfaces, as well as the most rugged terrain.
  • Unique automatic Float-n-Tilt™ system
  • Equipped with safety shut-off system
  • Cuts moving forward or reverse
  • Pressure relief system for quick shutdown safety
  • No shear pins
  • Cut, clear, and mulch unwanted brush, thickets, grass and saplings up to 3" in diameter
  • Break new trails, clear ditches, construction, property sites, and other overgrown areas
  • Best value: powerful, versatile, great price
  • Dual-Edge cutting blades can be operated in reverse for longer life with optional bidirectional kit
Model 60” Low Flow 66” Low Flow 60” 66” 72” 78”
Part Number 901499 901500 901501 901502 901503 901504
Mounting Plate Universal Universal Universal Universal Universal Universal
Recommended Hydraulic Flow 13 - 17 GPM 13 - 17 GPM 18 - 27 GPM 18 - 27 GPM 17 - 32 GPM 17 - 32 GPM
Cutting Diameter 60” 66” 60” 66” 72” 78”
Operating Weight 1,260 lb. 1,390 lb. 1,260 lb. 1,390 lb. 1,460 lb. 1,620 lb.
Cutter Capacity Material up to 3” Material up to 3” Material up to 3” Material up to 3” Material up to 3” Material up to 3”
Deck Steel Thickness 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4"
Bidirectional Kit
Push Bar
Wheel Kit
Replacement Blade Kit
Factory Installed Couplers

Customer Reviews

“I bought this mower to take care of various dirt roads and drainage ditches that connect 157 acres of farm property in Western Oregon. The fig benefit is using the flat and tilt feature to cut weeds on the side of the drainage ditches, This has really reduced the requirement for spring weeds. Thus far, has been reliable and trouble free.”
- Mike W

“I have an older skid steer with lower hydraulic flow and was concerned about mower performance. Purchased the low-flow model and the mower works great. Tho floating deck also works very well.”
- Gary

“I’ve had my brush mower a few months now and have used it a lot. I do weed Abatement hear in Hesperia California. I’ve cut grass, sage, small trees and wild alfalfa. This mower eats it all up. I really love the float feature not really excited about the tilt stop so I disabled it. The quality of this mower is fantastic the only issues I’ve had with it is it bolts coming loose due to lack of washers. lock nuts and or tread lock. I shared this feed back with them and they said they’d address this with manufacturing. Over all I’m extremely happy with this mower and would but it again when the time comes.”
- Matt A.

“Just got a new skid steer and I’m looking for was to seeing how well it works. I used it on my old one, but it was not a problem with the brush cutter, it was more the skid steer.”
- Bill

“I have been mowing 3ft sagebrush for two years, no problems, great service.”
- Travis

“For the money this was the most efficient mower, I used a brush mower from another competitor and had to do a lot of adjusting and stopping, Cody at Quick Attach recommended the Brush Buster as it will “float” and shut off when you raise the deck. The 40 acres we have it sage brush, and and rock. The mower worked better than I imagined. I was able to increase my speed and work around rocky areas without stopping and starting.”
- Monty

“I purchased this brush mower with optional wheel kit and push brace. Mower works excellent. Very heavy duty. Unbelievable what this mower will grind up. Little more expensive than other brands but well worth the extra money.”

“A quick note to thank you for all of the help with the brush buster skid steer mower. I was comparing different brush mower attachments for my skid steer and contacted quick attachments for a price quote. I was comparing fixed deck models because I though a floating deck model would be out of my budget. When I spoke with Paul and John and Quick Attach they produced me a quote for a floating deck mower that was within my budge. I used this mower to cut approximately 45 acres of dense vegetation at three different properties. The mower floated over the ground so well that I was able to increase my mowing speed and complete the projects quicker than expected. I would highly recommend this product to anyone in the market for a brush mower.”
- Jason

“The wait was worth it. I just came back in from running the brush buster at our shop and I must say that I was impressed. To be honest I thought the claims were a bit exaggerated- I didn’t think this thing would eat much brush but I was wrong. It sure does seem to be a fine piece of equipment and has no problems at all with handling heavy brush. It will be on the pipeline right of way tomorrow and I have no doubt that it will perform better than expected. Thanks, and I am sure we will be doing more business in the future.”
- Brent

“A few thoughts on the Brush Buster mower that I purchased, As you know I was NOT planning to buy a mower at this time, but I ended up with one and I’m glad I did. At first I was actually second guessing my purchase because the floating deck takes a little getting used to. After about an hour of operation I knew this might be the best purchase ever. This attachment can do things that none of my other equipment can do. It has made mowing my fence rows a breeze.(I can stick it right under the wire on some fences) It also works wonders on cleaning out over grown ditches as well as clearing out brush and saplings in wooded areas for food plots. The area’s that I have cleared with this mower will HOPEFULLY give me the opportunity to see a Boone and Crocket Buck this Fall. Thanks for a phenomenal product and great purchasing experience.”
- Matt V.