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Till-n-Grow™ Planter - 3-Point Row Crop Planter

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Product Information

  1. Polyethelyne hoppers 1/2 bushel
  2. Cat. I and II 3-point hitch
  3. Heavy-duty tool bar
  4. Double-disc seed opener
  5. Chain drive metering system
  6. Press wheels depth control


The 3-Point Row Crop Planter unit is a great fit for food plots, small hobby farms, custom planting operations, and replant planter setups.
  • Can be used as stand alone unit or used with our quick lift system
  • Tool bar accommodates additional row units for planting as narrow as 12” rows
  • Each row unit is ground-driven with changeable sprockets for desired seed spacing
  • Is compatible with plates from Lincoln Ag Products for flat and round corn, sweet corn, soybeans, sunflowers, cotton, sugar beets, edible beans, pumpkins, food plot mixes, etc.
  • Features parallel linkage, simple depth control, and adjustable down pressure springs to keep seed depth uniform as field conditions change
  • 4" x 16" press wheel with chevron-patterned tread provides consistent drive and depth control for row unit
  • 1/2-bushel hopper with large lids facilitates easy refills
  • Toolbars with Cat. I & II or quick lift compatible for 4 to 8 row configurations
  • Row unit utilizes 12" dbl. disc trench openers that create an ideal seed slot in conventional and min. tillage conditions
Model 72" 96"
Part Number 920266 920267
Overall Width 80 1/2" 104 1/2"
Overall Length 52 1/2" 52 1/2"
Overall Height 31 1/4" 31 1/4"
Number of Rows (18" spacing) 4 5
Number of Rows (12" spacing) 6 8
Seedbox Capacity (bu./row) 1/2 1/2
Empty Weight (18" spacing) 590 lb. 730 lb.
Empty Weight (12" spacing) 820 lb. 1,075 lb.
Seed Meter Drive Ground Drive Ground Drive
3-Point Hitch Type Cat. I & II Cat. I & II
Operating Speed 1/2 - 8 mph 1/2 - 8 mph
Single Row Crop Planter Unit