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Quick Power Plate™ - Hydraulic Plate Compactor


The Hydraulic Plate Compactor reduces time on jobs with its high vibrating force. Solid rubber insulators are used in this attachment to achieve premium shock dampening for return vibrations. The auto lube system consists of an oil bath around the shaft to ensure continuous lubrication, reducing the labor time for manually greasing the shaft. This attachment is great to use for waste, trench, slope compaction, road repair and other applications.
  • High vibrating force
  • Oil bath around shaft
  • AutoLube system eliminates manual greasing
  • Standard or quick-change adapter
  • Solid rubber insulators
  • No limitation of back pressure in the return line
Model PC100 PC300 PC400
Part Number 901118 901119 901120
Operating Weight 355 lb. 705 lb. 950 lb.
Carrier Weight Class 1-3 t 3-8 t 4-9 t
Operating Pressure 2,175 psi 2,175 psi 2,175 psi
Flow Rate 8 GPM 15 GPM 20 GPM
Plate Width x Length 13.62” x 26.69” 18.70” x 27.78” 24.02” x 36.57”
Plate Coverage 2.05 ft2 2.69 ft2 4.52 ft2
Case Drain Required Required Required
Factory Installed Couplers