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Xtreme Push™ - Snow Pusher

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Product Information

  1. Reinforced end plates
  2. 1/2" x 8" strong high-carbon steel cutting edge for long life
  3. "Pull Back" system (optional)
  4. Adjustable height skid shoes


This Snow Pusher is designed to move a large volume of snow very quickly – up to five times faster than a conventional snow blade. The perfect way to remove snow from parking lots, driveways, and from up against buildings utilizing the optional “Pull Back” system. The universal quick attach system fits most skid steers and compact tractors.
  • 37” high side panels
  • Strong, high-carbon steel cutting edge for long life
  • Features the Quick Attach mounting system for fast, easy hook-up
  • Easy adjust depth shoes
  • Optional “pull back” scraper blade turns pusher into a “scraper” for more versatility
  • Tubular steel frame for added strength
Model 96” 120”
Part Number 900782 900783
Weight 900 lb. 980 lb.
Maximum Width 37” 37”
Maximum Height 37” 37”
Maximum Length 100” 125”
High-Carbon Cutting Edge .5” x 8” Reversible .5” x 8” Adjustable
Moldboard Thickness .134” .134”
Endplate Thickness .375” .375”
Side Bracing Tubing 2.5” square 2.5” square
Tube Thickness .25” .25”
Back Bracing Tubing 3” square 3” square
Tube Thickness .1875” .1875”
Optional Pull Back System
Weight 190 lb. 230 lb.
High-Carbon Cutting Edge .375” x 6” Reversible .375” x 6” Reversible
Urethane Cutting Edge 1.5” x 8” 1.5” x 8”

Pull Back System

Replacement Steel Cutting Edge
Urethane Cutting Edge (in lieu of steel)
Urethane Cutting Edge (replacement)
Rubber Cutting Edge (in lieu of steel)
Rubber Cutting Edge (replacement)